Sunday, November 17, 2013

Crafting Catalan!!!!!

WOOT! After exactly six hours over the course of four days, I have finally crafted Catalan! Surprisingly I had most of the necessary reagents but of course you'd think Amber is very rare. Ha, well Sunstone was a real pain in the neck. Finally I have achieved every storm spell in the game!

Later today, I'll begin posting my adventures as we unfold into the wicked world of Morganthe!


William Sandblade,
           Level: 92 Promethean Diviner

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Free Crowns?

Hey Gang. Well I am finally back with some more updates. I just got this message from a bunch of people trying to get 13750 crowns for free. Soooo Idk if this is true but if you want to check it out, all you got to do is send it to 5 people.
Good luck and I'll be posting more info on my questing with Khrysalis!!!!!

       William Sandblade,
              Level: 91 Promethean Diviner

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Winterbane Dungeon SNEAK PEAK!!!!

           Hey guys! Well yesterday I go to test out the new Winterbane Dungeon from the new gift card at Walamrt!!!! This dungeon in my opinion is waaaaaay better than the Pagoda and gives a more challenging effect for low levels as well. I took some snapshots of the Level: 80 Tier Dungeon. This place doesn't have so many floors as the Pagoda does but in this dungeon the bosses cheat like crazy. BEWARE!!!!! I would recommend bring in a life or ice wizard just in case. I forgot to take pictures yesterday when I soloed it on my Promethean Storm but I will next time. Sooooo lets get started!!!
(Winterbane Dungeon Level: 80 Tier)
Floor #1: Grendel Vandal (Ice 3,875 HP Rank: 11 Elite), Grendel Foulfang (Death 3,575 HP Rank: 11 Elite), Grendel Vandal (Ice 3,875 HP Rank: 11 Elite), & Grendel Wild One (Storm 3,250 HP Rank: 11 Elite)
These small mobs only have roughly around 1,000 health under levels 50 and under; but when your doing this dungeon your gonna wanna pack in lots of multiple hits, colossal, heals, and boosters to wipe out their high health and shield spam.
(Tips: DO NOT ENTER THE NEXT SET OF SMALL MOBS AFTER THIS BATTLE!!!! Continue onto the next floor!!!!!)
Floor #2: Tyrfing (Myth 15,000 HP Rank: 12 Boss), Grendel Ransacker (Ice 2,500 HP Rank: 10 Elite), Grendel Scavenger (Life 2,275 HP Rank 10 Elite), & Grendel Cracknail (Balance 2,250 HP Rank: 10 Elite)
Ok this boss gets pretty annoying once you kill his minions and yes he is a Cheating Boss. To outsmart this dude right before you kill his minions cast Conviction because he will stun you one round after you kill his little friendlies. His cheat is he uses a enchanted Deer Knight on everyone twice every 5-6 rounds. Goal is to heal quickly and kill quickly! I would recommend a spamming deck for taking out the minions if your storm and use lots of bolts on the boss. Bring a life, they are helpful!!!!!
Floor #3: Fallow the instructions to make the pot of soup!!! Its easy if you doing it by yourself so don't bring friends that can mess up the tricks.
Floor #4: Wretched Elexuo (Life 12,750 HP Rank: 12 Boss) & Brume Goblin x3 (Balance 4,800 HP Rank 11 Elite)
This is in my opinion, the most annoying floor on the entire dungeon! This boss cheats pretty often and if your not a fan of dispels, don't be the first one to hit any minion or the boss himself. As decent in health he is for a level 80 tier dungeon, his Cheating ability is a pain in the butt. Too roughly about an hour and a half to complete this floor with a ice wizard that didn't put any heals in and forgot to use her resistance stuff!!!! I would recommend using resistance gear for the balance because they spam cloaked enchanted Nova and also cloaked blades and weaknesses.
(Tips: Kill those balance minions as soon as possible!!!! If you don't you'll be on your way back to the beginning of the dungeon!!!! Next... the boss uses enchanted weaknesses every 4-5 rounds and within 6-7 rounds, he uses 1 universal dispel on one particular wizard. Sooo be careful when attacking and using big heals. If your lucky before you die he might cast a 60% Sanctuary Spell which would be a good time to heal before the balance mobs use Powerplay at some point.)
Floor #5:
TO BE CONTINUED................


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hey Gang. Haven't been updating this site in a while but now I'll be working on it again!!!! Anyways in case you aren't aware of the fact that new bundles came out in the last week, you are now informed. Check out these bundles at GameStop and Walmart averaging from $29-$39! Go buy one today they are awesome!

Best Wishes,

William Sandblade Lv: 90
                      Promethean Diviner

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cover Page Of First Comic!!!

Hey gang. Well I am finally posting the cover page of Comic #1. Soooo here it is!!!! The completed comic will arrive in April.

William Sandblade Lv: 90
                   Promethean Diviner

NEW Shaman's Lore Pack!!!!

Hey gang. Well there is a new pack out called the Shaman's Lore Pack. In case you don't know the difference between Lore and Hoard, Lore Packs have trainable spells. Anyways it has arrived in the crowns shop for only $399!!!! Soooooo go out there and buy one. Also April will be the final release date of the blogger so I am very excited. I will inform you soon when there is more updates.

William Sandblade Lv: 90
                 Promethean Diviner

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wizard101 Free Clicks For Crowns

Hey gang. Soooo I got this email about this free crowns thing which to be honest idk if this could get us banned or not. I am willing to try it out on my noob first just to see if this site is worth it.
Here is the link:

Check it out and post a comment of what you think.

William Sandblade Lv: 90
                Promethean Diviner

Thursday, March 7, 2013

William Sandblade LITE 1.0

Hey gang. I wanted to inform you all that there will be a new program I am running called William Sandblade 1.0. Well this program is going to be LIVE content on YouTube which will be streamed onto a special page provided for you to watch whats happening in Williams world. I will post more info when I return in April.

William Sandblde Lv: 90
             Promethean Diviner